Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Apple Patch for iPad - and a walking foot...

This one is blues and greens, but a very similar style to the previous case - although obviously iPad size. This was the first project in which I used my walking foot - a rather scary looking sewing machine appendage. Here is is, finished.

The alignment is rarely perfect with machine patchwork - you need paper templates and hand sewing for that. Still, I'd like it neater.

In process - ironing the hems flat makes it easier to join the strips together.


A walking foot is useful when quilting. Normally, material is moved through by the little grooves which sit on the base of machine. When quilting, you often have thicker material - and a number of layers - in this case, the felt top, the wadding and the lining. If the material is only being moved through by the bottom grooves, the three layers can slide apart.The walking foot moves the top layer at the same time to avoid this. Thanks to Rachel from Brother who taught me this at Fabrications.

A picture supposed to show the difference between a normal foot and a walking foot. Not sure it succeeds.

A walking foot close up - what a monster!

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