Monday, 20 August 2012

Buntingtastic - summer wedding crafts & creations

Bunting laid out in preperation

Two of my oldest friends got married recently and asked me to help out with some of the decor. Along with the groom's wonderful aunt Annie, and the bride's sister Anna, we sewed over 200 metres of bunting, and bought and hemmed lots of colourful material as table runners.

Bunting is one of those things that can be as easy and quick, or time consuming, as you make it. We chose to use pinking shears (or zig zag scissors) to cut out the triangles - this way they won't easily fray, but we don't need to spend hours hemming each triangle. We then used binding tape, folded in half and machined together, with the triangles slipped in every 8 inches.

Triangles cut and ready

It's lucky we made a lot, as the marquee was pretty big...

Setting up..

I'm not sure if it is possible to overdose on bunting, but we came pretty close...

You can see the bicycle wheel chandeliers, in between the normal ones, in this picture too. They looked great with solar powered fairy lights entwined around them after dark. You can also - just - see the colourful table runners. Anna and I made some of these each -  I got the material for the ones I made from Z Butt on Brick Lane - another recommendation from DIY Couture.

I was looking for sweetpea colours - as these were the flowers of the wedding, grown by various family friends. These were then cut into long strips of different widths and lengths and hemmed down each side and to a point at the end. 

Some speedy hemming! We laid them over the white table cloths to add some colour. 

Setting up - centrepieces etc still to add

I'm also rather proud of this ginger, brandy and cream creation I made as our contribution to the desserts. I'm not a great cook, but the nasturtiums from mum's garden really made it look pretty - and they're edible too!

The wedding went fantastically. Here's the happy couple on their wedding rickshaw being ridden away from the church by the best man, under a shower of dried flower petals.

And another, from behind, with a just married sign made by the best mans girlfriend Helen.

And, after a wonderful day, I had to share the amazing gift the couple gave me as a thank you. Tiny sewing machine earrings - which I plan to wear with my 'scissors' necklace :) Thanks Tom and Jess - it was a pleasure!

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