Monday, 22 April 2013

Making felt toys with Feltmistress

For a long time, Al and I have admired the wonderful felt characters Feltmistress creates through Instagram and Twitter. So when we saw she was running a toy making workshop at Somerset House Pick Me Up exhibition - and that it was the day after the marathon when I had a day off - we had to go.
Groam (right!)

We met two of her felt gurus G'goob and Groam - whom we'd previously admired from afar.


Then we started trying to make our own.

There were lots of templates and suggested features - or we could try making our own. Still high on the marathon, I decided mine was going to be some kind of bemedalled superhero...

Feltmistress showed us how to add the eyes and we started sewing our toys features on to their bodies.

You'll have someones eye out with that ;)

We'd arrived early but while we were working the workshop got incredibly busy, with some amazing creations going on..

Here's our two. We couldn't stay to finish them but they're ready to be sewn together and stuffed back home.

Just love the expression on Alex's (left). Mine just looks insanely happy to have got a medal!
Later that evening I finished them off..

And photographed them next to my own felt creations - a robot and blackbird cushion for Al's worrisome warrior... 

..and the Elmer cushions for my toothy medal winner...

And here they are enjoying the sun together. Awww.


  1. Aw what a lovely post. Looks like excellent fun :)

  2. They're great! I was there too and had a fabulous time. Lovely to see your finished creations.