Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Spotty and multicoloured - another Apple Patch

It was nice to be back at the sewing machine after a couple of weeks where I've been too ill to face it. Last night I finished off another 'Apple Patch' - a case for my own laptop - with multi-coloured squares and a spotty lining.

I got the spots from a warehouse style shop in Brick Lane, as suggested by DIYCouture's wonderful fabric shops guide.

 Here you could buy cheap fabrics for £3 or so a metre (minimum spend £12 - but that wasn't a problem!)

Lots to choose from in Epra Fabrics. Next came cutting out the squares, something else I did a couple of weeks ago.


Finally, the normal sewing and sandwiching to make the finished product.

Ready to sandwich with the 'walking foot'. After the pieces are sewn together, I use a fabric cutter to trim them all to the same size. It's easier to have a bit of leeway with the wadding and lining when actually sewing them together.

The finished product was a little larger than planned - not quite the snug envelope of the others I had made. I blame slightly mushed 'ill-brain'! Still, it means I can also carry the cable with the laptop inside the case - so it could be an advantage after all.

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