Saturday, 23 June 2012

An Apple Patch

Since this is my second patchwork cover for an Apple product, Barry and Alex have suggested I called them Apple Patches and set up a shop called The Orchard to sell them. I'm not sure they're sales standard at the moment - but nevertheless, here is my latest 'Apple Patch' for Ben.... a cover for his laptop.

I made it by patchworking felt squares together in rows and then sewing the rows together. When you machine patchwork, it's hard to get patchwork to be exactly even, so I made these ones more mismatched. Nevertheless, these ones seemed to turn out particularly wonky - more so than the iPad case- sorry Ben!

I then sandwiched each piece with two layers of wadding (for extra protection) and some blue lining material and sewed round the outside.

Finally, I sewed both pieces together  (patches facing inwards) to make an 'envelope' and then turned it inside out to make the case. The flap tucks in and a loop of fabric and button keeps it all together. Initially, the flap was going to go on the outside, like the ipad case I made before - but because I padded the flap as well, it stuck out too much at the corners and looked weird. It worked better tucked in so I tried this new way of fastening instead.

I've had a few people asking about these - so if you want to commission one, drop me an email at At the moment, while I'm still practicing, I'm not charging much  :)

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