Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I got a beautiful knitting needle case and some wool from Nat and Pete for my birthday and taught myself to knit basic stitch from good old YouTube.

My beautiful case from Nat, and my first rows of stitches.

Heidi, Alex's aunt and my mum patiently taught me and helped me with mistakes all Christmas.

The first scarf
We found a great shop on Globe Road in Bethnal Green called Prick Your Finger which sold handwoven wool - this one had plastic bits in too.

Scarf for Ben

Finally, a scarf for Jess for her birthday, with wool from Fun 2 Do in Carlisle.

Birthday scarf for Jess

Monday, 2 January 2012

A new toy - Super Galaxie 2000

I got a sewing machine for Christmas. Slightly intimidating at first as I've never used one before. It's a Brother Super Galaxie 2000 - bought by Alex from a lovely lady on ebay. Luckily, because it's electric and has a touch screen in the corner, it tells me when I'm doing basic things wrong - like trying to sew without the foot down. I had a number of sewing for beginners books, but to be honest, the operation manual for the machine was most helpful for getting started.

Looking a little nervous
My first creation - a thank you cushion.

I made a buttonhole - although it's only recently I worked out how to make it the right size for buttons.
First go at patchwork