Crafting for wellbeing

Felt toys with Feltmistress

I spend a lot of my spare time on my sewing machine or with my pastels and paints. With a podcast on and a project to focus on, I find making things calming and distracting.

There's no time for rumination when your head is focussed on following a pattern or designing a picture. This can be a refreshing break from those regular and repetitive grooves of thought and worry that are the default for many of us. I blog about my mental health and the work that I do in this area separately over on

A patchwork quilt
Felt and cotton cushions

Plasticine characters

Taking time to learn a new skill is immensely satisfying.  Regardless of your ability, having a personal project on the go is a tangible reminder that you need to make time in your day to ensure you are looking after yourself.

Lush pots and beads

Have a go. It doesn't matter how good or not you think you are. It doesn't have to be crafts, it could be writing or lego, filming or photography.

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was 'better done than perfect'. It enabled me to start all kinds of projects and ideas that I was previously too worried about getting wrong to even begin. In the case of crafting for your mind and wellbeing much of the benefit comes through the process itself - in this case I would change it to 'better doing than worrying'. Have fun!

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