Friday, 18 January 2013

Lush buttons and bead pots

A birthday present project I thought of in the shower after finishing off some Lush hair conditioner...

Take some empty and cleaned out Lush pots. Soaking them for while helps you to peel of the labels.

And some buttons (mine are from Broadway Market and eBay)..

And some beads - from all over, including a shop in Brighton and the London Bead Shop in Covent Garden;

Stick the buttons and beads all over the pot. I used a combination of spray glue and UHU in a tube. When the glue is dry, varnish. I used spray matt varnish and did two coats on each.

Don't forget to do the lid too.


  1. Great idea, I've never thought to use the pots for boxes. I always trade them in for a face mask

  2. I do that too - is such a good incentive for getting people to recycle! But some lucky pots get pimped instead ;)