Thursday, 1 March 2012

Homemade cards

I mainly use pastels, with some acrylic and the odd bit of paper folding and cutting. Recently I have been experimenting with cards which include material and patchwork. They're good evening projects to get lost in.
Ape card for Alex on our anniversary (going to Go Ape) - using acrylics.

Peas in a pod for Alex's birthday, using pastels

Snowdrops for Jess birthday, with pastels.
Autumn leaves for Dad, with pastels.
Eric Carle style card for Claire's birthday, newspaper, pipecleaners and glass beads.

Settlers card for Dallas, using pastels
Picture for card for Rhiannon - in pastels

Horse card for Liz Pickup's 60th - acrylics

Mothers day card for mum, material sewed together with a button.

Thank you card for Liz and Mike, in pastels with folded butterfly.

Red oak tree for Liz and Mike's Ruby wedding, paper and acrylics.

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